This thing is awesome! I want more things like this!

I finally cut a new reel! 

I made another title sequence for SoulPancake! Check out this new series directed by Mike Bernstein called “Science of Love”. It’s a follow up to Science of Happiness that I also made the title sequence for and that is also a lot of fun…

Working on a thing with a little guy! Here’s a sample of where I’m at so far. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten into character work and I forgot how fun it is!

Check out this Young the Giant music video I did the VFX for, directed by Elliot Sellers and produced by Doomsday! Space is awesome!

And a little VFX breakdown footage I put together for Young the Giant “Crystallized” video, if you’re into that kinda thing.

Full blog post about it HERE.

I made another thing!

I made another thing!

I’ve been neglecting my tumblr, but here’s a thing I made yesterday!

I’ve been neglecting my tumblr, but here’s a thing I made yesterday!

So much awesome going on here. Every once and and a while I get reminded about how much more I need to learn about animation…

(Source: coping-mechanism)

I recently did the animation and compositing for a video in support of the DREAM Act, which aims to provide a path to permanent legal residency for foreign students currently in the country illegally that were brought to The U.S. before they were old enough to make the decision to immigrate on their own. This is a small piece of a large project directed by Davis Guggenheim (Inconvenient Truth, Waiting for Superman) called The Dream is Now. It’s a good cause (unless, I guess, if you’re a racist) and I got to do some fun animation. Check it out!

Cyriak’s new music video for Bonobo is pretty rad. He really is maturing as an artist. Finally here’s one that is just cool and not creepy or gross. Not that I don’t love his creepy and gross things, but it’s nice to see some range. 

And, the behind the scenes….